January 29, 2014

a little bit of rejuvenation for the soul

so after a year of solid work and no time to myself I decided to just throw caution to the wind and actually take a holiday…and what a fantastic idea that was!

and i have one of my best friends to thank for that…what an amazing lady! we met earlier in the year for a shoot…and something just clicked…and a few months later…just because…I went down to see her. What an amazing week…from car accidents on my 1st night there to long walks on (and next to) the beach….with the beautiful shirt tans to prove it…to food and wine pairing…late night beach excursions…fantastic food…fantastic wine…and most importantly…fantastic company!

I stayed in the little town of Fisherhaven at the Fisherhaven Traveller’s Lodge and enjoyed some great hospitality and some amazing afternoons watching the sun go down from the deck…glass of wine in hand.

Lets just say I could quite happily have just left my Joburg life behind and stayed there indefinitely….but alas…I had to venture back to the real world

PS. my lifespan may be somewhat shortened when a certain someone sees the leopard print pants shot 😛

Just a few of the snaps i took while down there: