March 20, 2012

UCI MTB World Cup – Downhill

Iv recently developed a fascination for extreme mountain biking and have started cycling myself – so when the opportunity arose to head off to the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup at Cascades MTB Park in Pietermaritzburg I jumped at the chance. What an epic few days of exhilarating riding (not by myself – I still think these boys and girls are a slightly different shade of crazy).


One thing they forget to mention when you go to shoot Downhill MTB races, is the insane amount of running up and down a mountain to get to the different spots – fitness levels were put to the test! But the results from all this running were well worth it. Capturing these downhill riders careening down this mountain at speeds of up to (and over) 60km/h, dodging rocks, trees, and doing the most insane gaps and jumps – I fell in love with this sport INSTANTLY!


I followed the downhill racers from their practise runs through to qualifying and on Sunday 18th, their final run in which Greg Minnaar, our very own boy from SA, completely ANNIHILATED the competition.


Here are a few shots from the few days I was there: